Valkommen Plaza

Valkommen Plaza is located on Seventh Street in the mid-town section of Rockford. This nine story hi-rise was built in 1982 and contains 171 senior housing units, as well as, retail office space on the first floor.

For many years the building had experienced serious water penetration issues. Numerous solutions, including caulking and coatings, had been employed by the owner without success. Finally the owner contracted Mike Harris mason contractors to inspect the building and recommend a permanent solution that would insure a water tight building for years to come. We uncovered multiple issues, the most serious having been caused by an improper original building design.

To remedy the situation and create a permanent water free building we removed the parapet which had suffered extreme displacement, cut in vertical expansion joints on all outside corners, and added additional control joints on all elevations. We also installed new lintels over all window heads, flashing, and weeps, and replaced numerous bricks that had cracked. The building has now been free of water penetration for almost a decade.